How to Create PDF file in Pagemaker 7.0

PageMaker was the standard in the graphics arts industry for many years with many available Features in this Software. Adobe Pagemaker is used to print the designing posters, Banner and will export creations as PDF files. PageMaker can also be used to design layouts for magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, flyers, business cards, etc.

Adobe PageMaker is a very important tool to make pdf file in pagemaker which used in various applications like advertising, newsletters, Business cards, letterheads, etc. It is a very interactive or easy tool that one should learn.

In this post we are creating a layouts PDF files using PDF PageMaker.

How to create a file in a Pagemaker

Step 1:) First install PageMaker 7.0 to your System you can visit this website for Download Adobe PageMaker. After install click on start Button Type PageMaker Depending upon the speed of your computer this may take faster or slower time to open.
how to make pdf file in pagemaker

Step 2:) While opening PageMaker we will see a couple of elements on the screen the Tools Pad is on the left-hand side of the screen and Right-hand side you see Color Pallete, and at the bottom of the screen, there is the control panel this gives information about the various objects that we used in a page.
First PageMaker Page Layout

Step 3:) In Screen you can see Templates choose a template which you want to create a PDF File or Select CATEGORY for choosing the Template. PageMaker 7.0 has already given some CATEGORY which can make your work easy.
PageMaker Category
PageMaker Category

Step 4:) Creating a NEW file in a Pagemaker Click on the -->FILE MENU--> NEW--> Document. Document setup dialog box open here we have several different options that we can change.

We can choose different paper sizes like Letter,legal, Tabloid, A4, A3, A5, and various other sizes as seen we can select your desired size by clicking on the same the dimensions as shown in the dialog box one can also change the Orientation from Tall the Wide as we can see the changing of orientation will only swap the values of the dimensions
Simply you can Press CTRL + N

PageMaker  For New Page CTRL-N
PageMaker  For New Page
PageMaker Document Setup
PageMaker Document Setup

Step 5:) Select PageSize that you want For Example Letter, Tabloid, A4, A3, A5, etc.

PageMaker Paper Size
PageMaker Paper Size

Step 6:) After Selecting your desired PageSize, then check Orientation Tall(Vertical Page) or Wide(Horizontal Page), then Select Number of Page that you want to generate. We have Select one page only. Then click on OK after setting the required margins.

Step 7:) This is what we are going to see on our screen this is our picture dialog box we are going to use this to make our documents. Right on Page and select Actual size of Page.
First PageMaker Page
First PageMaker Page
First PageMaker Page Actual Size
First PageMaker Page Actual Size

Step 8:) You have seen the tools box in that tools box select T which is represent as Text. Write some text to your document.
PageMaker Tools with Text

Step 9:) For making a Text box to write just you need to Click and Drag to Make PDF File in Pagemaker for writing Text.
Adding text in PageMaker
Adding Text in Page

Step 10:) Once your Document Completed click on File Menu and then click on Save As.
PageMaker SaveAs
PageMaker SaveAs

This How to Create PDF File in Pagemaker 7.0.

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