Apache Struts2 using MV-Model View Controller Architecture

Struts2 is an open-source web application framework for creating enterprise-read Java web applications, to deploying and maintaining applications over time. 

Apache Struts 2 is used to develop model–view–controller architecture web-based applications. This tutorial will teach you, Apache Struts question with a solution of Java web applications in simple and easy steps.

Solution 1:) If a user wants to Upload Multiple Files using Html in java with the help for Struts 2 then users need to check this below link.

Struts 2 Multiple File Upload Optional / Multiple File Upload Dynamic ways.

Solution 2:)Struts 2 find a particular list value based on the index in struts 2

Struts2 increment Struts2 List access Struts2 Access List based on index  Sturts2 Get Value on Index base

Solution 3:)Struts2 Autocomplete Easy Autocomplete ,you can use this Autocomplete in anywhere in your Application.

AutoComplete with Json data in Struts2

Solution 4:)Struts2 Auto Complete Select2 Autocomplete ,select2 autocomplete is easy an simple way to achieved autocomplete.

Select2 Autocomplete with Json data in Struts2

Solution 4:)Struts2 file upload using ajax call, view page as a JSP and Controller as a struts2 you can use HTML.

Ajax File Upload using Jquery in Struts2