OK Ka full form

  • OK - Oll Korrect.
  • OK- Objection Killed.
Full for of OK

OK is the 2nd quickest English word and sentence and often spoken or written word on the planet of earth.

OK was used in war by American soldiers 1839 for saying Alright in a short way and later 1840 OK is using in global.

“Oll Korrect” is the full form of O.K. Most people say the full form OK is also suggest OKAY. Hence, OK Full form also knows as OKAY.

People admitted OK as OLL CORRECT coz pronunciation best match of OK is OLL Correct.

Now we say, the full form of the OK is - OLL CORRECT. But according to UK English in ancient times it is followed in the wrong manner only.

Some people also say the full form of OK is Objection killed.

Objection killed means If we say the word OK, then it means that, the doubt has been cleared or Objection closed.

In the world, it is often used after a sentence or at the end of a conversation.

  • Are you, OK?"
  • Bye, "OK, bye."

Full form of O.K used in Sentence.

  • OK, now it's your turn to play.
  • Are you fine my boy, I am OK.
  • I am going for lunch, OK.
  • How are you feeling, OK

OK has become a part of the world now every country used this small word everywhere.

Thus OK is now a universal term which is used to mean approval, acceptance, agreement, agreed, understood, means someone is telling you something, and your acceptance them with saying OK.

But it sad to know only 1% of people on the earth know the full form of OK.

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