IPS ka full form

  • I for Indian
  • P for Police
  • S for Service.
Full form of IPS | Full form ka IPS
Full form of IPS

Indian Police Service is the Full Form of IPS. IPS was started in 1948. Many tasks IPS an Officer is performing related to security and peace between the people.
The IPS is a  Dream of the people, People do not sleep day and nighttime to convert into an IPS Officer.

Indian Police Service(full form of IPS in Hindi ) is a popular job for becoming an Indian Government.
The Indian rule has one of the largest gates in the Police Service.

Full form of IPS?

IPS ka Full Form in Hindi -: Police Service which is referred to the Indian Police Services of India.

Salary of an IPS officer?

The monthly salary of IPS is started from 56,100rs to 2,25,000rs per month is very higher than some other positions.

How to become an IPS officer?

As you know the full form of IPS in Hindi there are lots of exams you need to pass to become an IPS officer.
Some physical tests you have to give, testing, Training, etc are too hard to pass without working hard. You cannot get this job and also have knowledge of your surroundings

What exams need to be given to become the IPS Officer?

The Indian Police Service(IPS) exams are a section of the Civil Services Exams which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission every year.

What Responsibilities of the IPS officer have?

Indian Police Service officer carries out Responsibilities by safeguarding the public. The main duty is to maintain peace among the public give more importance to law and order first, some main responsibilities take care of the IPS officer is detecting and crime preventing, control to traffic, detecting drug, accident, etc.

Physical Requirements to become an IPS officer?

  • Height-: 165 cm for Male and Female 150cm
  • Chest-: Male 84 cm. Expansion 5 cm and Female 79 cm expansion 5 cm
  • Eyesight-: Male 6/6 with a good Eye vision and Female 6/12 or 6/9 for worst eye.

Ips are one of India's most famous and very difficult government jobs.
I can tell these to you, every year, a lot of people are trying to become an IPS officer, the exam is conducted for millions of people but only a few of them are willing to get past.

Jai Hind !!

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