Project Related Question in Java

After giving a brief introduction of your project, the Java interviewer will ask questions based on your Java project.

Obviously, when you have experience of 3-5 years and above, the questions asked would be more on an architectural level based on your previous Java projects in your previous organization.

To begin with, relating to your Java project, but if we talk about Java questions in an interview, then you can Click Here.

I'm writing a question based on my experience. I hope that it will be useful for you.

In a Java interview, they ask a question related to your Java project, which you can find below.

NOTE: The java question which is marked (Imp) and(All Company Favorite Question) this question is very important for the interview.

Java project question
Simple java projects question

Java project Interview Questions in Java

1. What Tech stack (framework or technology) you have used in your project? (All Company Favorite Question)
2. What type of security you have used in a java project? (All Company Favorite Question)
3. What have you used for the Authorization and Authentication Technique in your java Project? (All Company Favorite Question)
4. Have you worked on Web service? How do you secure your Web Service in java? (All Company Favorite Question)
5. Where have you used multi-threading in your java project? (Imp)
6. How Do You Handle Multiple Requests At Once in your java project? (All Company Favorite Question)
7. What do you use for version control of your project? (All Company Favorite Question)
8. What are CI/CD Tools and How Does It Work? (Imp)
9. Have you optimized the performance of your application in java? (Imp)
10. Have you used any encryption and decryption technique in your java application?
11. If you could change one thing about the Java language or platform what would it be?
12. Learn some encryption and decryption algorithms?

This project-related interview question will be asked based on your Java project. So try to read all the questions. If I missed any questions, then mention them in the comments.

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