Text Processing is one of the most common tasks in many ML applications. Here I have uploaded a video that how to remove stopwords.

Hello friends Today I am going to tell you how to remove a stop words from a given data for text analysis. First, we need to know what is a stop word, in a sentence the words which are unusable or you can say the word which does not contain any emotion is known as stop words in Natural Language Processing.

This is all our stop words first for text analysis.

  • again
  • against
  • ain't
  • all
  • allow
  • allows
  • almost
  • alone

So why we use stop words in Natural Language Processing

Example: Suppose a match is going on India vs. Australia someone posts a picture on social Media of India vs Australia and tell I write your comment.

In your comment box, 10,000 peoples comment in the comment box and we have 10,000 data and now so it is very difficult to make text analysis and make a decision who is going to WIN so text analysis how to make

Text analysis on how to make? 

First, we have to remove all the stop words using the technique of Natural Language Processing, because the stop words are the words which doesn't contain any emotions. In-Text for analysis, we only use emotion word to find the decision who is going to WIN the match

First how to download a stopwatch for natural language processing
  • Go to the download.
  • Type here Stops word for text for analysis download click on the third link.

Watch Below Video for More

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