Full Form of Bye is a very small 3 letter in the English dictionary. Bye ka Full Form is was first used in 1709 as people say in a nursery school which has poetry for good-bye and then written in the world dictionary. 
Bye full form Beyond Your Expectations

Bye is the most common phrase mostly used in the English language.

Three Types of BYE full form:

  • BYE as Beyond Your Expectations.
  • BYE as Balance Your Emotions.
  • BYE as Be with you every time.

Before you exit so then you say 'bye' means Be with you every time. Some people say word Bye is a shortening of the word Good Bye and 'Goodbye' was original 'God be with you'.

Why do we say bye?
It's just a way to express a feeling or wishes that we care for you and also finishing a conversation we used BYE.

It's very hard to say BYE to people that you like the most, I personally not to say BYE to loves ones and friends whom I see daily,
No one is like to say BYE coz it's too hard to say bye which you love and care.

Instead of saying BYE full Form in English, you can say: 
  • See you tomorrow.
  • Meet you later.
  • Will we talk tomorrow

BYE Meaning?
'Goodbye' was God be with you, by giving someone blessing when you leaving someone.

In India rather than saying BYE, we say Ta-Ta, Ta-Ta, or BYE both words have the same meaning of BYE.

Bye in a sentence.
  • I Think its Time to say you BYE.
  • I Love you Bye.
  • Bye, tomorrow i see you.

Never reply Bye to anyone its cause tears in people Eyes

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