What is cicd full form?

  • CI Full form is Continuous Integration.
  • CD Full form is Continuous Deployment
  • CD Full form is Continuous Delivery.

What CD /CI means?

CICD Full Form is Continuous Integration(CI) or Continuous Delivery(CD) (CI-CD) is most well known in DevOps a process for delivering new software with help of automated tests and automation build tools to bring working code into the environment(DEV or UAT or production) as earlier.

CICD Full Form -: Aim of CD CI is continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment which is used to monitoring throughout the lifecycle of apps, from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment.
cicd full form
cicd full form

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Integration (CI) is a core technique where everyone commits every day, their changes to an application are regularly built, tested, and merged to a shared repository(e.g. you’re using Jenkins that’s triggered on push).

This improves the frequency and reduces the difficulty.
CI uses automated tests against the new commits which are created by the changes and make it runnable.

Continuous Deployment (CD-Automatic)

Continuous Deploying(CD) code is not simple and easy as you want to deliver an app to customers but now it makes simple and easy, is to automate it.

The continuous deployment includes the automatic deployment of your code in an environment at each successful build.

Take the runnable code from (CI), execute your tests on it, and if the tests pass, automatically put it on the environment (i.e. Dev or UAT or Production servers).

Continuous Delivery (CD).

Continuous Delivery(CD) is about optimizing the software development process.

Continuous Delivery means that the changes are provided to end-users and customers, thus there is the delivery of these changes at a continuous level.

Also, it means that quality software is deployed frequently and predictably to Production in an automated fashion.

Continuous Delivery includes the software that can be released to production at any time.

The most popular CI/CD tools are Jenkins, Travis, Snap CI, Circle, Gitlab.

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