What is the HTML or What are the html5

HTML is a Hypertext Markup Language in a Programming world which is used to create static web pages.
HTML is used to design web page, which use HTML tag. Every page you see on Internet is written by using HTML code. Without HTML you can't able to display a single page on Internet.

Mark up stands for different types of font, bold, italic and underline tags to design your web pages.
Language stands for everything that we see on web-pages is written in a code or simple a set of instructions which is generally known as code. 
What is the HTML

Their are many different type is Tag which help you to make your website look and feel as per as your desire. HTML is used to create only static content where your page load every-time it will display the same content the same content.

HTML allows the programmer to create sections like header, body, footer.
HTML contains many tag, open tags and close tags which is like <body> </body><head> </head><form> </form> etc.

What does HTML stands for ?

Html stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a simple and basic language specially used to create a web pages.

Any pages that end with HTML extension is a HTML Page. When working with HTML, we use a simple tag elements to create a website pages.

What is the use of HTML ?

HTML is use to create a web pages that are display on Internet with the help of www-World Wide Web. HTML have a set of general rules that suggest how content should look when rendered. All pages are like connect or are related to each other with help of hyper links. Every page on Internet use HTML code to display there pages, warping all pages in one is called website.

In Simple way HTML is use to display your TEXT and Images, Video, etc on Internet browser in such way which create an intended look for you.
If there is no HTML use, your browser do no how to display text, load images or other things.
HTML is use to create interface of a page in which we can add rich text format,"heading", "paragraph", "table" and many more.

HTML elements are represented by tags. It is a very easy language and very helpful in making web pages.

Where do we use html ?

We use HTML for design a pages in our website.
Below you can see a HTML create a simple Hello World example using HTML code.

 <!DOCTYPE html>

Use of HTML


<h1>Hello World HTML Example</h1>

My first use of html

</body> </html>

HTML tags in details

  • The <!DOCTYPE html> declaration defines we have used a HTML5 version.
  • The <html> element is the root element of an HTML page.
  • The <head> element have meta information about page.
  • The <title> element display the title on Top of document.
  • The <body> element display the visible page content in document.
  • The <h1> element defines heading tags.
  • The <p> element defines a paragraph.


While using HTML tags names are always surrounded by angle brackets of opening and closing <tags_name> content goes here...</tags_name>

For Example:
HTML tags normally come in match like <h1> and </h1>
First tag in a match is called starting tag, the second match tag is called ending tag.

HTML5 is latest version which can help users to easily create their web pages.

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