Cab Ka Full Form

  • C stand for Citizen
  • A stand for Amendment
  • B stands for Bill

Your CAB Ka Full Form

Your CAB ka Full Form is Citizen Amendment Bill. This act was passed on 11 December 2019 by the Indian government due to which there are so many illegal migrants in India.

This CAB ka Full Form Citizenship Act of 1955 to provide the citizenship of India to the illegal religious migrants of Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, and Christian minorities, including three countries -Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan which were staying from decades without any proof of nationality.

In this CAB Muslims regions were not given such benefit in such condition the Muslim people are trying to protesting against this bill.

They asked the question from the home ministry that why religious base for citizenship and why not include regions Muslims. Muslim people are continuously protesting against it.

Here is Some Different Laugauges Full Form of CAB.

Your CAB ka full form Hindi me

नागरिक संशोधन बिल (naagarik sanshodhan bil)

Your CAB ka Full Form in Bengali

নাগরিক সংশোধনী বিল (Nāgarika sanśōdhanī bila)

Your CAB ka Full Form in English

Full form of CAB Citizen Amendment Bill

Your CAB ka Full Form in Marathi

नागरिक दुरुस्ती विधेयक (Nāgarika durustī vidhēyaka)

Your CAB ka Full Form in Tamil

குடிமக்கள் திருத்த மசோதா (Kuṭimakkaḷ tirutta macōtā)

Your CAB ka Full Form in Telugu

పౌర సవరణ బిల్లు (Paura savaraṇa billu)

Your CAB ka Full Form kya hai

1955 का यह नागरिकता अधिनियम, भारत के एक नागरिक को हिंदू, सिख, पारसी, जैन, बौद्ध और ईसाई अल्पसंख्यकों के अवैध धार्मिक प्रवासियों को प्रदान करने के लिए, तीन देशों पाकिस्तान, बांग्लादेश और अफगानिस्तान का पता लगाता है, दशकों से राष्ट्रीयता के सबूत के बिना रहते हैं।

So hope you understand the given information of the CAB ka Full Form.

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