KGF Full Form

  • Full Form of  K is KOLAR
  • Full Form of  G is GOLD
  • Full Form of  F is FIELDS


KGF ka full form is an abbreviation for Kolar Gold Fields is a mining region and taluka that comes under the Kolar district of the South Indian state Karnataka, which was started by the British in the days of the British RAJ.

 It is located about 100 kilometers from the state center of Bangalore and about 30 kilometers from Kolar. It was the major gold mines in India.

Now KGF Full Form movie is similar to Kolar Gold Fields.

On this day 21 December 2018 an Action film release titled K.G.F: Chapter 1 in the Kannada language which written and directed by Prashant Neel, produced by Vijay Kiragandur under the banner of Hombale films

KGF Full Form

Many people watch this movie and try to know about the KGF full from. The Full Form of KGF (Kolar Gold Fields) was popular from an Action film.

Let us have a Short Overview of Film KGF ka full form movie.

The main actors of the film are Rocky and Garuda which roles are played by Yash and Ramachandra Raju respectively. 

The KGF Full Form movie was started by a popular Journalist writes a book on KGF (KGF Full from) which gets banned by the government and tries to burn without leaving a clue to the public. 

 One of the news channels got one book later reading the whole Book his team needs to contact the author who has written KGF book for an interview on KGF because as he believes the journalist to be a most trustful person who had never written false article till date.

Now his team asking if this story is true and then Interviewed began who tells the story of the KGF.

In the 1960’s farmers working accidentally identify a golden piece there a character name, Suryavardhan takes the entire land for lease for 99 years. On that same day, Rocky (the Main actor) takes birth.

Rocky is shown as a poor kid who needs to get rich and powerful. Rocky comes to know of Garuda is very powerful in the assembly and decides to entire KGF (KOLAR GOLD FIELDS) by himself. After entering is KFG he was making a plan how Kill Garuda.

Garuda takes blessings from his god by killing 3 Sheep instead of sheep he decided to kill three men. These men are taken to the secret room. Rocky enters the same room through the underground subway.

KFG Full Form

These three men get taken to the river where Garuda kills them. After killing two, Rocky opens himself out of the rack with the sword and end of Garuda.

Now KGF 2 full form movie is going to release. Before releasing people have many questions about what happens next now.

  • Will KGF go to Andrews, Rajendra Desai, Kamal all are happy because Garuda is killed now?
  • Why Political leader issuing a death warrant on Rocky at first?
  • What about the slave laborers?
  • Will Rocky die as the richest person?
  • Will Rocky marry Reena?
  • Is Adheera still alive?
  • What next Inayat Khallel got the latest news about KGF now he is going to attack on KGF 2?
  • Will Rocky will die the richest person as Rocky had promised his mother that he will die as one of the most powerful and richest person in KGF 2?

Is KGF ka full form a true story?

These questions were asked by many people, First Hats off to the director who make such a wonderful film KGF. No, this KGF won't a real story because the Cinematography created an impact that it felt totally a real story, which is actually not. All the characters are just imaginary.

Awards won by 'KGF' Film?

KGF full form movie film won 2 awards at 66th National Film Awards for Best Action and Best Special Effects.

Is that Full Form of KGF Gold mine is still Happening?

KGF was closed in 2001 due to Increased Production costs, Reducing deposits, and low gold production.

What release date of KGF Chapter 2?

KGF Full Form Chapter 2 will be released on 16 July 2021.

KGF full form in English?


KGF full form in Hindi?

KOLAR GOLD FIELDS( कोलार सोना खेत)


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    KGF Full Form – What Is KGF?


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