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Nowadays for making a chat, mail, etc for a fast conversation, we used the abbreviation, full form or acronym, which most of the full form or meaning we don't know, so we need to know the full form of this list of abbreviations. 

Here we have some full form list that can help you to easily understand the abbreviation that you want to know. This full form will help you in your daily life. 

List of full form that you use daily in your routine.

Abbreviation List Full Form List
Full Form of OK Oll Korrect or Objection Killed
Full Form of IPS Indian Police Service
Full Form of NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Full Form of BYE Beyond Your Expectations,Balance Your Emotions,Be with you every time
Full Form of TBH To Be Honest
Full Form of GM Good Morning
Full Form of JIO Joint Implementation Opportunity
Full Form of IT Information Technology
Full Form of TTYL Talk to you later or Type to you later
Full Form of BFF Best Friends Forever
Full Form of ASAP As soon as possible
Full Form of BTW By the way
Full Form of PS PostScript
Full Form of IDK I don’t know
Full Form of CI/CD Continuous Integration(CI)/Continuous Delivery(CD)
Full Form of CAB Citizen Amendment Bill
Full Form of VAPT Vulnerability Assessments Penetration Testing
Full Form of HTML Hypertext Markup Language

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